The Effects Of Cannabis How You Can Tell You Are High 

Weed has been in the history of human lives fora longtime.  Some of you try cannabis once in your lifetime. Others are planning on trying it. So, where do you lie? Does getting high really make you or intimidate you? Have you considered how it will be when you smoked some weed or vaping, or ingesting yourself for the skin or taking it as edibles?  Whatever your decision, weed is going to make you feel high. 

The chemistry of cannabis

 Before you conclude on how weed will make you strong, understand that marijuana contains THC which is a cannabinoid.  It produces a resin thatis grown as a plant grown. THC is a chemical component of cannabis; which will gain entry to your bloodstream. While in the body it travels to the brain and because of the reaction, the nervous system is affected.  It changes the chemical composition of all the blood that takes oxygen to the brain. In doing so the brain has to interpret how to react to these new components. The brain sends these new signals throughout the nervous system

THC receptors that react the same way as the nervous system; under the chemical component’ it passes through the molecules affecting the whole molecular structure of the body through endocannabinoids. From the receptors, THC chemical producers are very scintillating effects that can surge and increase your emotions. 

Getting high from the cannabis effects

When you vaped or smoked, some cannabis went to the system. It passes through the chemical pathways which will moderate your functionalities. Whether ingested or smoked or through edibles the difference is the time it will take you to produce that blissful feel.

Because of that, you’ll feel elated mode, increased hunger, immediate creativity,and entering into deep thoughts. You’ll also be sociable and full of laughter.  When you are taking it for the first time this can be overwhelming if you take in large doses. You’ll experience happiness, good music,a slow and very pleasant taste for food.

 How to know that you are high

Before you ingest, vape,or smoke cannabis, you need to understand how high you’ll be. This is because with the time you can observe yourself; in terms of the actions and the reactions to the situation around. When you get the right dosage for a distance from Pennsylvania marijuana medical dispensary, you’ll slowly start feeling that Pleasant sensational. These feelings will come in terms of euphoria, happiness, reading clarity,and increased mental activity. You’ll also have a great sense of touch, smell, hearing, and touch.  

This happens when you take a lot of marijuana in the body system and then the feeling will no longer be present but you will now start feeling, anxious, confused, panic, increased heart rate, and paranoia

The feeling is different for every individual when you are careful. You’ll realize that it goes in stages. You’ll start by having watery eyes and your body is very light. You will then start to feel yourflexible joints and creativity creeps into your head. The mind becomes loose and your cognitive ability is increased. Finally, after the cannabis effect ends you will be welcomed back to reality. However, you will find it very odd and wish to experience the same earlier sensations