The Importance of Easy to Access Healthcare in the Philippines

In the Philippines, private healthcare is the primary option for many Filipino families, as it offers better care than public facilities. On the other hand, public health facilities are often run down in rural areas and have fewer medical staff and inferior supplies. Government health personnel only address 30% of healthcare needs, while the other 70 percent work in the private sector. Therefore, everyone needs to have access to high-quality healthcare.

Public healthcare is inadequate in rural areas

The quality of public healthcare in the Philippines varies considerably depending on the region. While the medical staff at public hospitals are well-trained and highly skilled, the facilities aren’t as pristine as high-end facilities in the US. Additionally, healthcare personnel in rural areas such as Davao have difficulty recruiting from the local community since many prefer to work in the metropolis. 

While most obstetricians recognize that mental health issues are important and are becoming increasingly integrated into primary care, many ob-gyns are not confident diagnosing them. Even more disturbing, only one in five ob-gyns routinely screen their patients for anxiety during pregnancy. The main reason for this is perceived inadequate training and time constraints. Few obstetricians ask about ED histories. Those who consider it part of routine care are more likely to treat mental disorders.

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Mental Health Awareness in the Philippines

There are only 60 child psychiatrists in the country, most of whom practice in urban areas. Children in mental hospitals are given 0.28 beds. In other countries, there are dozens of child psychiatrists per city. However, this is not enough to treat the problem. There are also a few programs for children who havea mental illness.

The increasing attention to mental health issues among college students in the Philippines is significant because this population is considered adolescent. Unfortunately, college students have been involved in violence inside and outside university premises. Some even commit suicide in various forms. Suicide is a significant problem for Filipino youth. Experts estimate that there is one suicide referral among young people per day. 

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