The Importance of Teen Dentistry

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Teeth are essential for your beauty and ability to speak and eat, so you will do anything to maintain them healthily. Teeth must be cared for throughout a teenager’s life since they are still developing. That is why they require check-ups, fillings, and operations to avoid issues as adults. Also, teen dentistry Perris may assist teenagers with a wide range of issues, from crowns for broken teeth to orthodontic therapy. Teenagers typically lack dental knowledge and do not see the dentist regularly or practice good oral hygiene. Therefore, you should ensure that your children undergo all required check-ups and treatments before it’s too late.

An overview of teen dentistry

Teen dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the oral health of teens aged 13 to 19. Because their permanent teeth are not yet fully matured, you should pay extra attention to them. Teenagers require particular operations before their adult teeth arrive to ensure their proper growth and prevent future health issues. When it comes to dental hygiene, teenagers have unique requirements. As a result, dental hygienists and pediatric dentists frequently collaborate before performing any operations.

When to see a teen dentist

When it comes to teenagers, the dentist may treat a variety of issues, including

  • Crowded teeth.
  • Crossbite.
  • Spacing (also called a diastema).
  • Overbite or underbite.
  • If the teeth are mispositioned.
  • Inspect the teeth to ensure they grow properly.
  • If your teen has broken their permanent teeth and you need a dentist to fix them.

Your teen’s dentist should be visited at least twice yearly for check-ups and general inspections. If your teen’s teeth bother them at a young age, they may want to visit the dentist every three months.

Suggestions for home efforts that protect your teen’s dental health

  1.     Limit the consumption of sodas and energy drinks. Sugary carbonated drinks are the leading cause of teenage tooth decay. Many 20-ounce soda bottles contain 18 teaspoons of sugar in a very acidic liquid. The combination can be highly damaging to teeth.
  2.     Encourage brushing before going to bed. The nighttime hours are dangerous because the mouth dries out, and bacterial plaque thrives.
  3.     Discuss the risks of sharing toothbrushes. Teens enjoy sharing everything, including toothbrushes. The germs that cause gum infections and cavities can readily spread from person to person via this strategy.
  4.     Include dental floss or a toothpick in their lunch or bag. This might serve as a gentle reminder to your teen to brush their teeth after school snacks or lunch.

In conclusion

The teenage years are critical for both boys and girls because they help them prepare for adulthood. Although parents frequently believe that their children’s health is under control, they often overlook their children’s dental health. Teenagers’ teeth are growing and consequently more susceptible than adult teeth, so dental care should be taken seriously. Furthermore, teenagers require all essential procedures to prevent severe difficulties in the future, which is where teen dentistry comes in. Call Dental Kidz Club to schedule your consultation today to determine which teen dentistry procedures suit your teenager.