The Major Types of Anxiety Disorders

Almost everyone has experienced anxiety at some point in life, especially when they are awaiting a big event or something big is about to happen. However, this is normal because it usually goes away after a while. Anxiety becomes a disorder if it persists, causing distress and preventing you from doing well in your work, school, or enjoyable activities. It is also essential to determine the type of anxiety you suffer from to help in treatment. It is essential to seek the correct treatment for New York anxiety disorders before serious complications arise. Below are a few types of anxiety disorders.

Generalized anxiety

It is a type of anxiety that occurs when one begins having worries about various topics, including job performance, work, natural disasters, world events, and relationships with others. In most cases, it is quite challenging to control this type of anxiety because it keeps coming back, thus affecting your quality of life. These worries may make it challenging for you to concentrate in school or at work, thus causing stomach aches, headaches, irritability, or muscle tension.


Phobias refer to intense fears of particular objects, animals, or situations. Examples of phobias include fear of spiders, dogs, blood draws, heights, or dentists. Most people with phobias usually avoid a feared situation, animal, or object. Fear is said to be a phobia when it lasts more than six months.

Separation anxiety disorder

Separation anxiety disorder occurs when one fears losing or being separated from an attachment figure or caregiver. Usually, separation anxiety can be normal when a child is young, but excess separation anxiety might interfere with their development. People experiencing this type of anxiety usually worry about what will happen to them if the caregiver is separated from them or what will happen to their caregiver if they leave or die.

Social anxiety disorder

Social anxiety disorder refers to the fear of having your actions, speech, or mode of dressing judged by other people. It is often accompanied by severe discomfort while interacting with new people or forming relationships. Such people fear saying the wrong things or being embarrassed. Social anxiety can occur in a few instances, like when giving presentations at work or school, or in several situations, like when a kid fears interacting with new adults or peers.

Panic disorder or attack

It occurs when you begin experiencing serious panic attacks, which begin interfering with your way of life. These attacks may include rapid breathing, dizziness, racing heart, blurred vision, chest pains, feeling of doom, sweating, shaking, or feeling like the world is not real. You may also experience fear of losing control, going crazy, or dying. Certain events can trigger the attacks or occur on their own and may last for approximately fifteen minutes.

It is important to understand anxiety disorders because they are common and treatable. Therefore, if you or your kid is experiencing any anxiety that has started affecting how you or they participate in activities at work or school, it is essential to consult a physician for proper diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, you can schedule your appointment at Rappore today and start your treatment for your anxiety disorder to help you resume your daily activities and responsibilities.