The Most Believed Wisdom Teeth Myths

The human mouth is full of wonders since it keeps changing as their lives progress. One of the famous dental transformations is wisdom teeth growth, which happens in the late teens or early 20s. However, even after waiting this long, most people prefer removing the wisdom teeth since they fear they could cause complications. This fear has caused an increase in Wisdom Teeth Jasper removal over a short period. The following are the common myths regarding wisdom teeth removal that you could believe.

All Wisdom Teeth Should Be Removed

Wisdom teeth removal has been one of the most popular procedures. The main reason is some people believe that every wisdom tooth should be removed. Even though they come later in life, they are not usually the cause of health problems. If the individual’s mouth has extra space for a tooth, wisdom should be advantageous to oral health. You should remove your wisdom only when it is impacted or crooked.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction is a Major Surgery

Regardless of the pain, some people fear having their wisdom teeth removed since they fear undergoing major surgery. However, this is not usually the case. If your tooth has erupted through the gums, you could have a non-surgical tooth extraction. The dentist would remove the teeth using local anesthesia when removing the tooth. However, if your tooth is impacted, you could undergo oral surgery even though it is not as major as you think. The extraction will be conducted under local anesthesia and will not take more than an hour.

Everyone Has Wisdom Teeth

Since the people have the same number of teeth at the front, they assume all individuals have four wisdom teeth. However, it is not everyone has wisdom teeth. Some people could have three, two, and one, while others lack even a single wisdom tooth. The main reason is some people have their teeth under the gum that fail to erupt. These instances are caused by genetics and the environment. All of these scenarios are okay unless the person has symptoms showing that something is wrong.

The Removal Process Is Painful

 Some people avoid the process since they think it will be painful. Others worry that they could eat a liquid-only diet for a long time. However, the process is not painful since it is carried out under local anesthesia. Moreover, the person will recover within 3-5 days.

Every Wisdom Tooth Pain is Normal

As wisdom erupts, a person experiences pain that is hard to identify before the tooth comes through the gum. In most instances, this pain is dull and associated with headaches. Even though this pain and discomfort are normal, you should not ignore them. The main reason is your teeth can be impacted, or the wisdom teeth cause the other teeth to be out of alignment. You should therefore visit the specialist to avoid these risks.


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