There’s A Recovery Period In An Eyelash Extension Treatment And You Should Know The Basic Steps

Eyelash extension treatment is an excellent option for mascara. With the significant developments done in the cosmetics industry, it is needless to say that eyelash extensions are indeed fantastic with its results. More and more beauty clinics are offering such a service. If you are applying mascara daily, then now’s the time to step up your game by using eyelash extensions. It’s also affordable which you can seek once you have time. Various cosmetic professionals also pave way to ensure you have the best results.

Once you are done with the cosmetic procedure, you still have to allot some time for your lashes to be in its proper state. There’s a recovery period. In this short period, there are things you should do and avoid as well. Before you get the quality outcome as promised, there are some things you have to practice. Take some cues from the, for example. Most of the time, beauty clinics already give a heads up to you.

But if you are wondering what to do in the recovery period, here are some of the details that you should remember. These are things that you must be aware of as well.

  •       Keep It Steady And Dry

First and foremost, you have to prevent any water or liquid in your faux lashes. The main goal is to let it dry. Once it dries, the better it will stick onto your natural lashes, and the longer the effect will be. It keeps your eyelash extensions intact and well-applied in your natural lashes. In this process, refrain from soaking in water for a while with your eye area. For hygienic purposes, use wet wipes instead to keep your face still clean. Avoid rubbing your lashes too. It prevents any irregularities or irritation for that matter. If anything worse happens, please do consult your clinic.

  •       Don’t Curl The Lashes

Next thing to remember: stop curling your lashes for the meantime. While your eyelash extensions are freshly applied, don’t use a curler. It might remove the faux lashes or cut them out. Avoid using curlers. Also, make sure both your natural and faux lashes are not entangled with one another. It might ruin the aesthetic look you want to achieve. Better keep them straight, balanced, and untangled. If you are having a hard time, you seek help from pros, such as lash extensions Double Bay from Fancy Lash, for example.

  •       No Plucking

Lastly, don’t pluck your faux lashes. It will ruin everything. You won’t achieve the aesthetic quality you hope if you pluck your lashes. Refrain from doing so. As much as possible, keep your lashes thick with the desired length and volume. Otherwise, it might not be balanced.

Final Word

In using this as your guide, these things are the most common ideas in the recovery period after having an eyelash extension treatment. Keep yourself reminded of these details to prevent any harm. Be extra careful as well. Seek help from your clinic if the need arises.