Things worth knowing about Paragard lawsuits

For the uninitiated, Paragard is an Intrauterine Device (IUD) for birth control. Although quite popular, Paragard has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Many women have filed lawsuits against Cooper Surgical, stating that the device broke during removal, causing serious injuries and requiring invasive procedures. Many other side effects have been also mentioned in these lawsuits. If you, or a loved one, have suffered injuries because of the device, you may have the scope to file a Paragard lawsuit. Here are some basics worth knowing. 

Understanding the basics

Paragard IUD has been marketed by the manufacturer to be 99% effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies. It is also claimed that the device works for as long as 10 years for birth control. Paragard IUD must be implanted and removed by a doctor. Many lawsuits state that women suffered injuries because the device fractured during removal. In some cases, doctors have been unable to retrieve the broken pieces of the IUD, which pose further health risks to patients. 

Claims against manufacturers

In ParaGard lawsuits, plaintiffs have claimed that the device has a defective design, because of its tendency to break upon removal. Lawsuits also allege that there is a manufacturing defect, for which CooperSurgical and Teva Pharmaceuticals are to be held liable. Lawsuits state that the label of this birth control device doesn’t state the risk of breakage on the label. 

Current stage of litigation

ParaGard lawsuits are in the early stages, and so far, there has been no verdict or settlement. Lawyers around the country and in different states are now accepting these lawsuits, which will be then converted into a Multi-District Litigation. Note that an MDL is not same as class action. These are all individual lawsuits. In case of Multi-District Litigation, the judge will make a judgment based on the bellwether cases that go to trial, and this will set the tone for negotiation and settlement for other lawsuits. This is not the first IUD lawsuit filed in the US. A notable case is that of Mirena. Bayer – the manufacturer – was sued, and the company had to pay $12.2 million in settlements. 

If you believe that you have a Paragard lawsuit, you need to act as early as possible, considering every state has a statute of limitations for filing such lawsuits. Find a law firm that’s accepting these lawsuits and ask for a free initial investigation.