Top 4 Tips To Prepare For Orthopedic Surgery

5 Tips for Preparing for an Orthopedic Surgery or Procedure - South Shore  Orthopedics

Surgery is not always the answer, but for certain orthopedic concerns, it could be. Unfortunately, undertaking surgery or medical treatment, particularly if it is the first time, could ignite an overwhelming variety of feelings, including worry and anxiety. For this reason, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Ronald Hess West Chester highlights some things you should do to help you feel ready and at peace. Read on to learn more.

  1.     Ask Questions

Now is not the time to avoid asking questions. Once you and your physician determine that the advantages of orthopedic surgery exceed the possible dangers, you should learn what to anticipate from the operation and collaborate with your physician to establish a care plan that will produce the best possible outcomes. To do so, you must raise questions and ensure that you comprehend the replies and directions provided. These questions might include concerns regarding the recuperation period, any driving limitations, activities you must avoid, or if you should discontinue any medicines prior to surgery.

  1.     Answer Truthfully

At every step of the way, your doctor will do a comprehensive physical exam and ask you a number of questions regarding your prior medical history, injuries, current lifestyle, and other factors to help determine if surgery is the right alternative for you. Answering these questions truthfully can help you and your orthopedic physician have a positive experience.

Disclose any drugs you are on and other allergies you have. Likewise, express any issues you have about using pain meds, and do not lie or downplay any existing behaviors like alcohol intake, smoking, drug usage, and more.

  1.     Arrange For Aid

Based on the operation or treatment, you might need somebody to drive you home. You might also consider getting assistance with daily duties like cooking, food shopping, and domestic chores, including cleaning and laundry. Besides, you will be relieved to have post-surgical measures in place, allowing you to concentrate on your recuperation.

  1.     Perform The Prep Work

In the weeks coming up to your operation, you should maintain a healthy diet and get enough rest. The more emotionally and physically robust you are, the more prepared your body will be to deal with the stress of surgery. You should adhere to all preoperative guidelines, including instructions for drinking or eating24 hours before surgery.

Additionally, your physician might instruct you to lose weight before surgery to alleviate the stress imposed on your new joint. If you smoke, your surgeon might advise halting or dramatically cutting on the habit to decrease surgery risks and enhance your recovery. Similarly, it might be necessary to stop taking specific medicines (over-the-counter or prescription) for some days before the surgery.

Understanding the surgical procedure and your involvement will facilitate a more rapid and effective recovery. During your surgical consultation at Beacon Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, Dr. Ronald Hess will educate you on everything you need to know about your care alternatives and what you should do to ensure successful outcomes. Call the West Chester, OH office or use the online booking tool to arrange an appointment today.