Top 7 Reasons To Visit A Podiatrist – Dr. Nathan Hansen Mill

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Whenever your feet hurt, walking could be a miserable experience. To acquire a treatment, you search online or visit a discount store. If this solution does not work, you purchase an alternative. While most of these over-the-counter medications are helpful, these drugs could sometimes lead to negative effects. Fortunately, you can enjoy quicker diagnosis and care suggestions from a podiatrist. Dr. Nathan Hansen Mill Creek and his expert staff deliver a vast array of medical services for ankle, foot, and lower limb conditions. Meanwhile, here are some common suggestions that you should visit a podiatrist.

1)      You Fear a Strain, Fracture, or Sprain

Podiatrists are professionals at addressing foot and ankle strains, sprains, and shattered bones. Your physician can identify your injury and recommend therapy. Additionally, your podiatrist could develop a flexible cast to aid healing. After an injury, redness, inflammation, heightened discomfort, and difficulty walking are all reasons to consult a podiatrist.

2)      You Experience Joint Pain In Your Ankles or Feet

Arthritis is one of the most prevalent diseases among Americans. Consult a podiatrist if the joints in your feet are frequently inflamed, sore, red, or stiff. Arthritis could alter the function of the foot and result in impairment. A podiatrist may recommend therapies that protect joint health and render your everyday activities smoother.

3)      Heel Pain Restricts Your Activities

There are numerous possible reasons for heel discomfort. You might have had a heel spur, a bony protrusion on the heel. Alternatively, one of the tendon attachments to the heel could be irritated. Therefore, if you have heel discomfort, visit a podiatrist. If necessary, your physician will examine your feet and could obtain the required X-rays. A correct diagnosis is an initial step in designing a treatment strategy.

4)      You Have Diabetes

Diabetes considerably increases your risk for foot problems. These concerns might span from dry skin to severe infections. If you have diabetes, a physician or podiatrist must examine your feet yearly. Employing a podiatrist on your care team reduces the risk of limb loss caused by diabetes by more than half.

5)      You Suffer From a Persistent Ingrown Toenail

Ingrown toenails could lead to infection, particularly in the big toe, if they penetrate the skin. Consult a podiatrist if a toenail is extremely red or has several drainages. In certain instances, the physician may excise a portion of the nail. If the region is infected, your doctor will recommend medication.

6)      You Have Irritating Corns or Calluses

Calluses and corns are two of the most frequent reasons people see a podiatrist. If these regions of excess skin become excessively thick, they could be uncomfortable. A podiatrist might suggest cortisone injections for pain relief. Another alternative your physician could employ is to utilize a surgical blade to diminish the size of these growths. Considering the skin is already dead, this process is not as uncomfortable. 

7)      You Require Foot Surgery

Surgery is frequently the last therapeutic option suggested by podiatrists for numerous foot ailments. Nevertheless, if necessary, podiatrists undertake foot and ankle surgery. Conditions such as shattered bones, recurrent ingrown toenails, or bunions could necessitate surgery.

Claiming that caring for your feet is vital is an understatement, considering that they affect your general wellbeing. Besides, any issue with your feet or ankles could lead to major disruptions in your everyday life. Thus, do not hesitate to schedule a visit with your podiatrist. At Hansen Foot & Ankle, Dr. Mill will examine your unique concerns and recommend the right solution for you. Call the Mill Creek, WA office or use the online booking tool to arrange an appointment today.