Top Five Risk Factors for The Cancer

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The formation of new cells in your body is necessary for your growth and development. However, when the cell in your body divides faster than usual, you start developing a lump or other cancerous growths. In most cases, these lumps are not painful; thus, you may not know your condition. Nevertheless, when the lump grows, it can destroy the neighboring nerves and other organs, igniting the usually devastating pain. Therefore, if you experience Austin cancer pain, you should seek immediate pain management to boost your overall health. The following are factors that increase the risk of getting cancer.


Alcohol consumption has many adverse effects on the health of individuals. For instance, when you drink alcohol excessively, you increase your vulnerability to different forms of cancer, such as mouth cancer. The cancer susceptibility is more significant in those who drink alcohol and also use tobacco. Therefore, you should drink moderate amounts of alcohol and quit smoking.

Chronic inflammation

Swelling is one of the mechanisms that your body uses while responding to the injured tissue during the healing process. Notably, the inflammation mechanism ignites when the damaged tissues start releasing certain chemical substances in the body. Consequently, the white blood cells make the components that divide the cells to facilitate the repair of the injured parts. Once the damaged cells heal, the swelling process stops immediately. However, when you have chronic inflammation, the swelling does not stop after healing; therefore, you are more likely to develop cancerous growth.

Infectious agents

Individuals are susceptible to certain infectious triggers, such as parasites and bacteria, which cause or increase the risk of developing cancerous growth. Some viruses interfere with the signaling responsible for monitoring the development of the cell in the body. Most viral infections that increase the likelihood of cancer can transmit from one person to another through bodily fluids such as blood. You can minimize the chances of getting those infections through appropriate vaccines.


Sunlight is one of the sources of Vitamin D responsible for strengthening your body’s bones. However, excessive exposure to sunlight can cause skin conditions such as skin cancers. Many people believe that skin cancer only affects individuals with light skin tone, but the truth is that it can also affect dark-skinned people. It would be best to minimize direct sunlight exposure, especially at noon.


Individuals with excessive body weights are more vulnerable to certain forms of cancer. For example, most women past their menopause often experience breast cancer when they have obesity. Therefore, individuals should maintain a healthy weight through regular exercise and diet. Alongside reducing cancer risk, maintaining a healthy weight also minimizes the likelihood of heart complications.

Many people have been experiencing cancerous growth, which in most cases is not painful. However, with time, the tumor can destroy the adjacent nerves and bones, thus igniting the pain that lowers the victim’s quality of life. If you are a victim of cancer pain, you should never bother yourself any longer since Republic Spine and Pain has a reliable remedy for you. The facility has a team of specialists who offer personalized treatment programs to patients with cancer pain. Schedule an online consultation and visit the office to restore the quality of your life.