Vaping is the new cool trend, is it better?

There are many people who like to believe that vaping is better and may do lesser harm they justify by saying that the heat used is much lesser than in burning, so the toxicity must be less. But there is no substantial proof. Also, the government still does not advise it. It is bad for the health of the user. But it does have one benefit that the cases of passive smoking have reduced tremendously in the family and friends of smokers who have switched. As there is no smoke released, only vapours for the user to consume. Also, there is no fire involved so no accidents of burning. The user can use it indoors even in a wooden house safely. The new sleek and colourful look of the logic vape is attracting the youth much more than anything.

Here are a few points we would like to show you for the shifting of the beginners towards Logic compact vapes. 

  • Looks: the main device comes in several colours and also different finishes. The whole device is just 10 cm long and can fit anywhere in your pocket or purse. Also, the people around will not notice it unless you chose to use it in front of them. Then also they will not be offended as there is no problem like pungent smell. Youngsters like to hold it and pose for the camera and post it on social media. This has shown to get many likes and followers. 
  • Quitting: people who are regular smokers find vapes have helped them step forward towards quitting smoking. It is possible as the nicotine content in Logic vapeis much more satisfying as compared to the traditional cigarette, even with the same amount of nicotine being used.Actually, there is more absorption in the form of vapours, so the craving is less. 
  • Flavours: traditional cigarettes do not have any flavour options. But logiccompact pods have numerousflavours available like fruity options, minty, or just stronger tobacco. Also, the best part is that the main device remains the same. Only the pods have to be changed, that takes only a few seconds. Users can switch easily between flavours and nicotine strengths are per choice as many times as they want. 
  • Safe: vapes are sensor-based and do not need to be light, so it is totally fire-free. As the person draws a puff from the mouthpiece the sensor is activated and the fumes are created. It is safe to be used in a wooden surrounding as well.Vapes can be used indoor as there is no smoking involved, your loved ones are safe around you. 
  • Easy: it is very easy to operate a vape. There are no buttons or settings. There is a slow release of vapours. Also, the user can take his/her sweet time to use it. Ther is no hurry like a cigarette. The flavours too can be switched and the pace can be slow and repeated for the same pods as well.