Ways to Manage the Shoulder Pain

Pain in and Under the Shoulder Blade: Your Guide to Pain Relief

The shoulder is one of the parts that move a lot in the human body. To facilitate the wide range of movement, it has four muscles and tendons referred to as the rotator cuff. However, due to these movements, the shoulder has a higher risk of experiencing swelling, bone changes, or damage to the rotator cuff. This can cause shoulder pain, where the person can suffer pain when lifting the arm above the head or moving it when walking. Since this pain is excruciating, most people suffering from shoulder pain Brunswick seek treatment. These are the common ways you can manage your symptoms.


Immediately after suffering shoulder pain, you can use painkillers such as paracetamols and ibuprofen tablets. This could help to reduce the pain as you are recovering. You should explain to the pharmacist the cause of the pain so that the pharmacist can give you the best medication according to your condition. However, if the pain does not end within two weeks, you should seek further medical advice since the condition may be critical.


If you are suffering from a shoulder injury, your posture will determine the extent of pain you could suffer.   Some of the postures are that you should avoid leaning forward or extremely resting your arms. You should also try to relax your shoulders rather than gripping them onto your sides. Besides, you should sit in an upright position. You should also change your posture often.

Heat and Ice Packs

If you are suffering from a minor injury, alternating ice and heat packs could be beneficial. For instance, ice reduces the risk of inflammation in the shoulder. Besides, it reduces the risk of swelling since the cold contracts the blood vessels, reducing the circulation in this region. Furthermore, it causes numbness on the shoulder, reducing the pain. On the other hand, the heat pack stimulates blood circulation in the injured area. Therefore, it gives the affected area nutrients and oxygen, promoting healing.

Minimizing the Strain

Even though you could continue carrying out normal activities, you should ensure that you do not overdo them. You should evaluate your performance and gradually increase it as you continue to heal. For example, you should avoid carrying bulky shopping. Besides, you should minimize the number of items that you iron. Moreover, when ironing, you should maintain the ironing board at waist height. Furthermore, you should avoid carrying the bag on one shoulder since it will not exert proportional pressure.


Rest and Exercise

Even if you are feeling pain, it is important to remain active. You should carry out the exercises on the shoulder since they help recover by stopping the shoulder from being stiff. During the exercise, you should avoid movements that can hurt since they could worsen your condition. Furthermore, you should ensure that you set a time for resting after exercising.


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