Weed oil for training and recovery

To understand how weed oil and exercise are related, we first need to look at what exercise does to the muscles in the body. When we perform strenuous physical activities, muscle tissue is broken down. This results in the body’s immune response being activated to heal itself and process the inflammation that we call exercise pain. The degrading phase is called catabolic and the building phase is called anabolic.

After hard training, we often feel sore, swollen and sometimes even lethargic and exhausted. However, it is believed that it is due to this degradation (Catabolism) and inflammation that our tissues can grow stronger and better (Anabolism).

However, too much inflammation can contribute to excessive muscle damage and poorer training results and as a result, CBD oil has become increasingly popular, especially in martial arts, to relieve swelling and pain associated with recovery. CBD products or weed can be very helpful provided you buy weed online from reputable online Canada dispensary.

So how does CBD oil affect recovery?

Cannabinoid receptors compriseof CB1 receptors, which are mainly located in the brain, as well as CB2 receptors found on the cells that are linked to our immune system. The fact that both of these receptors have been found on the body’s immune cells means that studies suggest that CBD can contribute to and facilitate the body’s management of inflammation.  

CBD oil recovery & breakdown

When it comes to CBD oil and exercise, it has been found that certain types of terpenes in CBD have anti-inflammatory effects. For example, Terpenen  myrcene  which is known to be muscle relaxing and also relieve sleep problems. Alpha-pinene is another terpene that studies have shown has helped dilate the airways, which can increase the supply of oxygen to the body and thus even endurance.

CBD oil and training will thus be extra interesting for athletes who need to be able to recover quickly and reduce inflammation and wear and tear on muscles and joints. 

Research on CBD oil and exercise

In 2018, a research article was published in “Frontiers in Neurology” which examined how CBD is effective when it comes to relieving pain and improving mobility in patients with multiple sclerosis. This is because it is believed to reduce inflammation.

Thorsten Rudroff, one of the authors of the above-mentioned article, says that CBD for exercise-induced inflammation is definitely the next big area we need to explore. 

Physical activity, such as running on a treadmill, has been shown to increase the level of a certain type of endocannabinoid called anandamide (AEA) – probably to reduce pain and inflammation. Taking CBD is also known to increase AEA.

In other words, CBD oil is assumed to be able to help promote painkillers, anti-inflammatory compounds that are already present in our bodies – which can help with physical recovery. More research undeniably needs to be done in the field of CBD oil and exercise, but there is reason to believe that CBD oil is more than just a “fly” in the exercise world.

Thus, we see how cannabis/weed/CBD can help us in a big way provided you buy weed Canada online from reputed online Canada dispensary.