What are the causes of erectile dysfunction in men?

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the condition of being able to have or maintain an erection that is enough to complete the sexual act. Most of the men at the age of forty will experience erectile dysfunction. Persons with erectile dysfunction could not have harder erections, although they are sexually aroused. It is common if you have ED at times, but if it continues, you should consult a doctor. Erectile dysfunctions will always bring stress, loss of self-confidence, unsatisfactory sex life, and many relationship problems. So, it is necessary to consult with a specialist doctor and get you to recover from it as soon as possible. There are different medications approved by the government like taking pills like Viagra. However, you should check for the effects and factors to consider before taking these medications. In this article, let us discuss some of the causes of erectile dysfunction in brief.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

Several factors cause erectile dysfunction in men. If men around the age of 18 to 35 have erectile issues, then it is considered as impotence. Sexual arousal in men depends on various things like mood, stress, muscles, blood vessels, and hormones. Issues with any of these can cause erectile dysfunction. Some of these causes are listed below.

Physical causes of erectile dysfunction

Since sexual activity requires some strength and stability of the body, physical issues will contribute to erectile dysfunction in men. Some of these physical conditions are as below,

  • Men with heart-related diseases will have erectile dysfunction
  • Clogging issues in the blood vessels will cause ED
  • Body with accumulated cholesterol will not cooperate well in sex
  • People with high blood pressure will experience issues in maintaining an erection throughout the sexual activity
  • Diabetes is responsible for erectile dysfunction
  • Obese men always face erectile issues
  • Surgeries that affect the spinal cord will be a major hurdle in a sexual act and capable of causing erectile dysfunction
  • People who have habits of using tobacco will get erectile dysfunction
  • Men with a natural decrease in testosterone levels will have erectile dysfunction
  • Alcoholic men will face ED problems
  • Physical diseases and disorders like Prostate Cancer, Multiple sclerosis, Peyronie’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and the likes can also affect sexual ability

Psychological causes of erectile dysfunction

Apart from physical disabilities and conditions, erectile dysfunction can also be the result of the psychological conditions of the men involved in sexual activities. Some of these issues are as below.

  • Stress– Men with mental stress due to various reasons will not be able to maintain a hard erection throughout the sexual act.
  • Depression or anxiety– Anxiety and depression will also make them unable to perform sexually. These may be any issues like the lack of self-confidence or relationship issues.
  • Poor communication with the partner– After all, sex is the extension of love, and couples should try to communicate and love each other. If they attempt sex without proper understanding and communication, there will be issues with sexual satisfaction.