What is Body Composition and how to measure it? 

When you are trying to measure your body composition, you have a few options at your disposal. First of all, you should try not to compare yourself to other people. You can use these tips to ensure that you are measuring properly. You do not want to feel like you are working too hard, and that is why you should remember that you can do this in a few ways that will give you some insight into your physical fitness and overall wellness.


When you are trying to measure your BMI or BMR, you should read through a site like https://yegfitness.ca/  to get the information that you need. You should consider that you are measuring things that are easy to see and enjoy. You can get a scale, smartphone, calendar, mirror, and measuring tape. You should remember that most people who do this might do it the wrong way, and you do not want to be in a place where you are psyching yourself out and making yourself think that you did it wrong or you are not making progress.

Measure Weekly

You can get on the scale and take your measurements every week. You can see the changes as you are measuring, but you need to remember that things will change over time in unpredictable ways. The first thing to remember about this is that your weight will fluctuate if you are gaining muscle mass, on your cycle, or simply having a slow week for weight loss.

When you are working out, your butt might measure larger because you are getting stronger, but your waist will get smaller. Your arms might get smaller, but they will grow again when you gain muscle tone. This is a simple thing to remember because you cannot expect to see numbers go down all the time. Sometimes, you want a smaller waist, bigger butt, and even bigger arms. Therefore, you are measuring against what your goal is.


A lot of people use calipers the wrong way. You should make sure that you have a caliper that is easy to read, but you should check the same spot every time. You should choose a spot on your belly, but you should be patient because it is hard to make gains every week.

These tips will ensure that you live a healthy life and understand your body composition so that you can work out and eat right without thinking that everything is working perfectly.