What Is the Role of Fertility Medications in IVF Therapy?

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Approximately 20% of couples who want kids cannot conceive without medical assistance. For many couples and individuals, in vitro fertilization (IVF) is the perfect fertility therapy because of its high success rate. However, to achieve the best results, it is common to use fertility medications. At the Center for Reproductive Medicine, fertility specialists offer different fertility medications to help you enjoy a healthy and successful pregnancy. Continue reading to discover the role of fertility medication Celebration in IVF therapy and the common side effects associated with these drugs.

The Role of Fertility Medications in IVF

Throughout IVF cycles, fertility specialists administer numerous fertility drugs to their female patients as a component of the therapy procedure. These fertility medicines stimulate the release of several hormones that promote egg formation and maturation while also controlling ovulation.

These medicines ultimately make the patient more fertile during the prospective egg harvesting and embryo transfer operation, which raises the odds of a successful pregnancy. Moreover, fertility medications enhance the therapy process by enabling specialists to schedule every treatment phase to match their patients’ demands.

What Are the Different Types of Fertility Medications?

There are various types of fertility medications and dosages that your doctor could administer during IVF. Your specific medication depends on various factors, including the IVF cycle you are undergoing, your fertility goals, and whether you desire a more natural treatment approach.

Fertility medications are either taken orally or through injections. Nevertheless, prescriptions often contain a tailored combination of the following drugs:

  •       Human Menopausal Gonadotropin (hMG)
  •       Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH)
  •       Clomid or Serophene (Clomiphene)
  •       Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG)

What Side Effects Should You Expect from Fertility Medications?

Most fertility medicines have modest, transient adverse effects. Generally, oral medicines (Clomid) have milder adverse effects than injections (gonadotropins). Nevertheless, you should expect any of the following side effects:

  •       Headaches
  •       Hot flashes
  •       Abdominal discomfort
  •       Mood changes
  •       Weight gain
  •       Bloating
  •       Breast tenderness
  •       Abnormal menses or spotting
  •       Nausea
  •       Dizziness

During the consultation process, your doctor will provide you with a comprehensive list of adverse effects and advice for controlling them. Therefore, you can enjoy your fertility therapy with little-to-no discomfort.

How Should You Use Fertility Medications?

Regardless of the fertility medicines or hormones prescribed to a patient, their efficacy requires proper timing. Patients must take fertility medications as suggested by the fertility doctor.

Patients must attend all fertility appointments according to schedule to encourage optimal therapy. Inappropriate dosage or administration of a fertility medicine can lead to a failed IVF procedure or diminish the likelihood of achieving a successful pregnancy.

What Else Improves the Success Rate of IVF?

Fertility medicines are only one component of IVF. Patients can implement numerous lifestyle modifications to enhance their fertility, as well as additional treatments that can act as IVF supplements. During your initial consultation at the Center for Reproductive Medicine, your doctor can discuss all these concerns and assist you in selecting the most appropriate treatment option.

Women having trouble conceiving should consult a fertility professional to discuss their care alternatives. Your fertility specialist will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different care plans to assist you in selecting the best solution for your unique concerns and goals. If you want to determine if you are eligible for fertility medications, be it as part of IVF therapy or as the primary fertility treatment, arrange an appointment today. Call the Celebration or Winter Park, FL office, or use the online booking tool.