What to Consider Before You Have a Tummy Tuck

Five things to consider before getting a tummy tuck | ASPS

Excess tummy fat and skin can be unsightly or cause infection, especially if the excess skin forms folds. If you have either, you can benefit from a tummy tuck procedure, which will remove the excess skin and fat. You can regain a smooth and toned tummy from an East Windsor tummy tuck.

Also called abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck offers a solution for people with excess skin resulting from pregnancy, weight loss, or aging. Whatever the cause, a tummy tuck can provide you with the best solution to achieve better-looking skin that is firm and tight.

Types of tummy tucks

  • Full tummy tuck
  • Mini tummy tuck

Are you the right candidate?

Before you can undergo the procedure, your healthcare provider will check whether you meet all the surgery requirements. Your plastic surgeon will ask you questions that cover your medical history and expectations of the procedure.

Your surgeon will expect you to meet the following requirements:

  • You don’t expect to have more children
  • You don’t expect to lose more weight
  • You are at a healthy weight and BMI
  • You have noticeable loose skin on your tummy
  • You have been overweight or obese

What to look for in a plastic surgeon

When ready for a tummy tuck, you must look for the best plastic surgeon. Strive to look for a specialist that understands your needs and can offer what you need. Other than open communication with your plastic surgeon, consider other important factors like location and cost.

Things to consider before you choose a plastic surgeon

  • Credentials and experience
  • Online reviews and referrals
  • Connection and understanding
  • Check whether the operating facility is equipped
  • Ask if the surgeon is board-certified
  • Look at before and after pictures of previous clients

What to expect during the procedure

Before the procedure, your healthcare provider will explain what they will do. Your specialist might recommend general anesthesia during the procedure to help with the pain. Depending on the amount of loose skin, the plastic surgeon will make an incision from one hip to the other. If you require liposuction, your plastic surgeon will perform the procedure to remove excess fat. Afterward, your specialist will stretch your skin to fit the tummy tautly and cut off the excess. If you have excess skin on the upper body, the doctor will create a hole for your navel and adjust the skin accordingly. Lastly, your doctor will close the incision using sutures, clips, skin adhesives, and tapes.

What to expect after the procedure

You will stay in the hospital for a few days, and then you can go home to recover. Your doctor will recommend wound care practices to prevent site infection. Your plastic surgeon will recommend pain relievers and drugs to reduce the likelihood of infections. You will rest at home, and you can slowly ease back to normal activities in six weeks.

If you have excess skin and tummy fat, you can visit Dr. Matthew J. Lynch, M.D, for evaluation. Dr. Lynch and his staff will provide personalized care to fit your specific needs. Call or book your appointment online today to start enjoying smooth and firmer tummy skin.