What to Expect During a Gynecologist Visit

You do not need to wait to experience unusual symptoms before scheduling your visit to a gynecologist. Regular gynecology services put you at ease and ensure you can prevent reproductive health issues early. Experienced gynecologist Silver Spring offers you the choice of being in control of your health by providing you screenings and tests it checks for your well-being. You will get treatment options if your diagnosis shows the symptom of a disease, thus ensuring you live a healthy life. Go for your wellness exams today and live at ease.

What is Gynecology?

Gynecologists are doctors who specialize in addressing issues related to the female reproductive organs. They treat issues concerning fertility, menopause, and contraception methods. You can start your appointments with a gynecologist at 13 to build a relationship with your doctor, making it easier to address medical issues in the future.

What differences are between OB/GYN and Gynecology?

Yes, an OB/GYN provider differs from a gynecologist because the latter specializes in gynecology only. Obstetrics deals with pregnancy and all its aspects, including prenatal and postnatal care for an expectant mother. An obstetrician can deliver babies, provide fertility options, and guide to ensure a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery. On the other hand, a gynecologist specializes in treating and caring for women from their first menstruation to post-menopause.

What Happens in Your Gynecologist Visit?

Your first visit may involve questions to help your doctor know you better and keep you at ease. Your gynecologist may require an account of your health history and any new changes in your body. You will have some tests and procedures during your visits to establish your reproductive health.

Pap smear

Pap tests involve collecting samples of your cervical cells to detect any abnormal growths that may indicate cervical cancer. You may require frequent pap smears if you have an HIV infection, a smoking history, a weak immune system, and a diagnosis of precancerous cells. Your doctor will insert a speculum to easily hold your vaginal walls as they examine the cervix. You may feel some pressure during the insertion.

Breast Exam

The exams check for potential signs of breast cancer, and early catching prompts early treatment. The test will involve checking your breast size, shape, and texture. Your doctor will then feel your breasts for any lumps and unusualness. Your doctor can also teach you how to do a self-breast exam.

Pelvic Exams

Your doctor can perform a pelvic exam alongside a Pap smear. Pelvic exams involve checking the vulva, inspecting the cervix and vagina with a speculum, and checking your internal organs. You may require a pelvic exam if you have unusual vaginal discharge and pelvic pain. The test will include an external visual exam for redness and swelling and an internal visual exam using a speculum. After the exam, your doctor will discuss the results of your exams.

You can benefit from different gynecological services at Capital Women’s Care to check for your reproductive health and wellness. Gynecology ensures you can prevent serious health issues before their onset. Schedule a visit today to the facility to get your tests. You can also request an online appointment when you visit the website.