When Are Dental Implants Necessary?

Did you know that your smile is unique to what many people notice about you? Can you imagine how embarrassing it is to smile when you have a missing front tooth? Although many people ignore their smile as a firm contributor to your self-confidence, you can’t outweigh its importance. Losing your teeth due to decay, diseases, or injuries doesn’t mean your condition is inevitable. You can reclaim your original gorgeous smile in one session with Ardsley implants procedures. However, despite your oral deformity, dental implants significantly improve and will protect your oral health in the long run. But when is an implant necessary? Keep reading to understand more about dental implants.

Missing teeth impact your oral and systemic health

When your mouth suffers even a slight deficiency, that alone can affect your oral or overall health. With missing teeth, your mouth becomes vulnerable to severe oral issues that can further worsen your situation. Primarily, tooth loss causes tooth misalignments, changes in how you eat and talk jawbone infections, and, if ignored, can further impact your digestion.

When should you consider implants essential?

Although there are other tooth replacement procedures, none are compelling, like dental implants. It’s no more incredible surprise that many people consider implants over dentures due to their excellent benefits, not excluding long-term service. Furthermore, replacing your lost teeth is crucial since the consequences of ignoring them are immense. Many perceive implants as an aesthetic issue, but it goes beyond that point. The following are instances that instantly call for a dental implant.

  •   Missing teeth
  •   Severely infected teeth
  •   Broken or cracked teeth
  •   Loose dentures or partials
  •   Sunken-in facial features

Other than preventing oral problems, implants come in handy in boosting your self-esteem, which positively impacts your quality of life.

The Many Benefits Of Dental Implants

Regardless of the cost, many people desire effectiveness and result in any dental procedure. In that case, dental implants carry many benefits both for your aesthetic needs and general oral health. Apart from boosting your self-confidence, other implants benefit includes:

1. They resemble and function like your natural teeth

Dental implants are specifically crafted to mimic your natural teeth in their entirety. Therefore, after the procedure, your implants blend seamlessly with your other original teeth and serve the same purpose as your lost teeth. In simple terms, you can eat, floss, and brush with implants like you did before.

2. They are solid and durable

The material used to craft an implant is meant to fuse with your jawbone and thus can last a lifetime. Although a dental implant requires keen maintenance, it is intended to serve your needs for a long time.

3. Implants are convenient and easy to maintain

Notwithstanding your number of missing teeth, this procedure can replace them conveniently in a comfortable session. Unlike other tooth replacement procedures, implants won’t require messy adhesives or overnight soaking. Additionally, cleaning and maintaining implants is calm.

Are You Ready For Your Dental Implant?

Your smile is the number one determinant of your gorgeous look. If you suffer from tooth loss, don’t take that as your new normal! At Ardsley Dental Spa, a team of professional dentists led by Dr. Hinna Chaudry, DMD, offers advanced dental implants specifically for your unique needs.

Don’t give room for embarrassment any longer! Claim your smile with Ardsley Dental Spa today!