When Is Emergency Dentistry Necessary?

Dental health is more crucial than many individuals believe. More than 34 million school hours are lost annually owing to dental emergencies, and almost $45 billion in annual productivity is lost because of oral disease. Good dental hygiene and regular dental visits are the most effective means of preventing these disorders. However, emergencies still occur, and once they do, you will require emergency care. Here are some common concerns when Yonkers emergency dentistry is necessary.

1) Your Tooth Pains Excessively

It is tough to ignore dental discomfort, but you should not disregard it. If you have a tooth throbbing and hurting, visit a dentist, especially if the discomfort prevents you from sleeping, radiates to your jaw, neck, or ear, and worsens once you lie down. An aching tooth is often an indicator you have a major dental disease and could be anything from an infection to a tooth fracture that needs immediate treatment.

2) You Experience Snapping in Your Jaw

Popping or cracking in your jaw is never a good sign; if your jaw locks up, you should consult a dentist. This snapping may indicate that you have TMJ, a condition in which your jaw becomes immobile. The condition can cause grinding and clicking sounds when chewing (typically only heard by the patient), as well as jaw pain and restricted movement. Your dentist could assist you to address TMJ, though treatment can be lengthy. The sooner you begin treatment, the better.

3) You Have Itching, Bleeding Gums

You should seek medical attention if you experience bleeding gums while flossing or cleaning your teeth. Your dentist will assess the situation and establish whether it is gum disease.

Gum disease or gingivitis may be extremely harmful and can destroy your teeth and gums; thus, you must treat it immediately. In certain circumstances, you will even detect an awful stench. You could preserve your teeth and improve your dental health by beginning treatment early.

4) You Observe a Tumor or Sore within Your Mouth

If you discover that you got a growth, even a minor one, that does not disappear, you should visit the dentist as soon as possible. The growth could be unpleasant to touch or feel the same as the remainder of your gums, but it could be a sign of a complex condition like oral cancer. Therefore, it is advisable to contact a dentist immediately.

5) Your Teeth Are Numb

Once a tooth that was hurting suddenly stops hurting and becomes numb, this is not a good sign. You might be relieved that the pain has subsided, but this typically indicates that the infection has reached the tooth’s base. Once this occurs, you must see a dentist quickly as there are too many potential negative outcomes. If you do not allow your dentist to examine your tooth and address any problems, you may develop a jawbone infection.

You should never downplay a dental issue that disrupts your sleep and everyday life. Left untreated, emergency dental issues could lead to more complex issues like missing teeth, bone loss, and more. For all your emergency dental concerns, be it a knocked-out or fractured tooth, bleeding gums, and more, contact Yonkers Dental Arts. Call the Westchester, Yonkers office or book an appointment online today.