When Should You See an Addiction Medicine Specialist?

Opioid and alcohol addiction can negatively affect your body, mind, and social interactions. The dependence can affect your functioning level to the point that you cannot accomplish anything without being under the influence. If you are struggling with addiction, your Glendale addiction specialist can help you deal with the problem and its side effects.

Personal side effects of opioid and alcohol dependence

If you cannot function without alcohol or drugs, you are said to be addicted. When a bigger chunk of your time or day is spent getting high, you skip out on other important things. You might not go to work and neglect your well-being to get a fix. Sometimes you can use money recklessly to afford drugs or alcohol, and you might end up in debt.

Other personal side effects include:

  • Impaired judgment
  • A lack of concentration
  • Aggressiveness
  • Loss of self-control

Social side effects of addiction

If you are struggling with addiction, maintaining your friendships might not be easy. Such behavior will cause relationship strains between you and your loved ones. Chances are you will not want to stay at home where parents or siblings want you to quit abusing drugs. You might opt to run away so you can use drugs whenever you want.

Treatment for addiction

First, you need to recognize that you need help. You can overcome addiction if you actively involve yourself in the process. With the encouragement of your family and friends, you can make informed decisions on how to better your chances of completing treatment.

Specialists use different treatment methods depending on the severity of the dependence. Rehabilitation centers offer rehabilitation, or you can choose to deal with the addiction independently. In both cases, you will receive adequate information on what to do when facing withdrawal symptoms.

The treatment process

To overcome addiction, you will likely go through the following procedures:

  • A detox referral involves the cleansing of your bloodstream
  • Holistic treatment equips a patient with tools to heal physically, emotionally, and mentally
  • Therapy aims to observe the behavioral pattern of the patient as they undergo the treatment
  • Education that helps patients understand the negative side effects of addiction

Factors to consider when undergoing the treatment

Once you commit to the process, there are certain steps you can take to avoid relapsing. It is difficult to succeed with addiction if you are still in the environment that first got you into using and abusing drugs and alcohol. You can use the following steps to help with recovery:

  • Engage your mind with other hobbies to remove the focus from the drugs
  • Make new friends and avoid the ones that abuse drugs
  • If you are struggling with alcoholism, it would be good to keep off bars and clubs

If you are struggling with addiction, you can seek the help of experienced addiction medicine specialists. Whether you choose a rehabilitation center or choose to deal with the problem yourself, you will receive educational guidance materials. You can visit 2nd Chance and meet specialists who can offer personalized treatment for the best recovery. Call or book your appointment online to embark on achieving an addiction-free status.