Which is Better: FUT or FUE Hair Transplant?

Hair loss can be stressful and trigger concern for both men and women. While men are more likely to lose their hair than women, with male pattern baldness affecting about half of men by the age of 50, it is a problem that affects both genders.

“Male and female hair loss can be caused by a variety of genetic, hormonal, and medical conditions. Although it’s normal for people to lose hair as they get older, many people feel that hair loss has a negative effect on their lives in a variety of ways, including drastic drops in self-esteem and a rise in self-consciousness, which can be a dangerous combination. So, what are the choices for those who are experiencing hair loss? Hair transplants are an excellent option for restoring self-confidence and allowing a person to enjoy life with a full head of hair that can grow naturally.”- Says Dr Audumbar Borgaonkar who is known for the best Hair transplant in Navi Mumbai .

In this article, he will discuss the types of hair transplants that are commonly used in India, the pros & cons of both the types & which method to choose if you are opting for hair transplant in Navi Mumbai, India.

Hair Transplantation Types

There are currently two types of hair transplants available to patients, and it is important to understand the differences in order to find the best solution for your specific condition. Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) are the two procedures available; read on to compare the benefits and drawbacks of both so you can make an educated decision and then contact a hair transplant specialist.

Overview of FUT

FUT is a process that entails stripping or groupings of hair follicles from a hairy region (usually the back of the head) and dissecting the donor tissue into tiny individual grafts of 1-3 hairs (this is how they occur on the scalp). These are then placed into circular incisions in the hair loss areas of the scalp. This encourages natural hair growth to the infected area over time while ensuring that the grafts survive as long as possible. FUT is a more common but still successful hair transplant treatment that has a high success rate.


  • A high rate of success
  • Procedural speed
  • Affordability
  • Hair can be transplanted in large quantities, which is suitable for those who want to cover a wider region.


  • Scarring that lasts a lifetime is possible.
  • Wounds that are very invasive must recover before further sessions can be scheduled.
  • The healing process takes longer.

Overview of FUE

Meanwhile, FUE is a newer technique that is quickly gaining popularity, and it’s easy to see why. Rather than using strips or groups of follicles, this technique involves extracting individual healthy follicles from areas of the scalp with more hair and injecting them into the affected region. It has a comparable success rate to FUT but is less invasive due to the lack of incisions.


  • High rates of progress
  • Scarring is reduced.
  • Shorter hairstyles are possible due to less scarring.
  • Recovery period is shorter.
  • There is no numbness in the scalp.
  • More choices for graft harvesting


  • A higher price
  • Longer session times
  • It is impossible to cover a wide area in a single surgery.

Which is the better option?

So, which is the better option? This will depend on the specific circumstance and condition, but FUE is usually thought to be the more advanced treatment, with a quicker recovery period and less scarring. Both procedures have a high success rate, and you should see natural hair growth in 3-6 months, so it’s worth considering both. The safest course of action is to consult with a doctor who will be able to inform you about which treatment is best for you. Then you can get started on your path to a happier life and higher self-esteem.

If you are opting for hair transplant in Navi Mumbai, Dr. Audumbar is one of the best hair transplant surgeons who can help you decide the best procedure for you.