Who Is The Right Candidate For PRP Therapy?

Almost everybody experiences a cosmetic issue at some point in their lives. You may have hair loss, wrinkles, and sagging skin or develop chickenpox or acne scars. At Modern Aesthetica, you can address these concerns with Platelet-rich plasma therapy. PRP is an all-natural and safe substance derived from the patient’s body, making it a suitable therapy for numerous patients. Unfortunately, like with other procedures, there is no one-size-fits-all, which means some persons might not be eligible for this treatment. In this post, PRP Santa Monica specialist Dr. Daniel Moghadam discusses some of the most popular candidates for PRP therapy. Continue reading to learn more.

You Want Hair Restoration

Both men and women will experience hair loss. Even though it is normal for hair to thin with age, this could be quite distressing, particularly if you are young when your hair loss starts. Luckily, up to 90% of patients experience desirable outcomes using PRP to address hair loss.

Your doctor will inform you of the number of sessions you require and how long each session lasts. Typically, the first three treatments are spaced 4-6 weeks apart. If you are pleased with the outcomes of your therapy, you can return every six months for touch-ups.  

You Wish to Combat the Adverse Age-related Side Effects

As you age, the body generates less collagen. A deficiency in this structural protein causes wrinkling, skin folds, sagging skin, and creases. While numerous beauty solutions promise to address these aging effects, nothing matches up to PRP as it utilizes the body’s healing mechanism to revitalize the tissues.

PRP is extracted from the patient’s blood and then applied or injected into the face. The platelets then develop new cells and eliminate old, damaged ones. Thus, your skin becomes less wrinkled and softer.

You Want to Remove Minor Scars

Certain diseases, such as acne and chickenpox, can leave permanent scars on the face and other body parts. These imperfections can resemble little dents or scratches on the skin. If you are concerned about minor scarring, you can apply PRP to the treatment site.

PRP stimulates the body’s production of new tissue, thereby eliminating imperfection. The most beneficial aspect of PRP for scarring is that therapy is permanent. Once all scars are effectively treated, you will no longer require maintenance appointments.

You Want a Minimally Intrusive Therapy

Most cosmetic procedures are intrusive, which implies that they require anesthesia and surgery. If you are apprehensive about invasive procedures’ side effects and hazards, regenerative medicine might be appropriate for you, especially if you have mild to moderate cosmetic problems. PRP requires a very tiny incision on the injection site, and because it utilizes the patient’s blood components, there is a reduced risk of complications or other adverse effects.

You Have No Time To Recuperate from Therapy

Most Americans have tight schedules, so there could be problems trying to schedule cosmetic therapy. As a result, most people postpone cosmetic treatments for many months, causing their condition to worsen. However, with PRP, you need not worry about scheduling or recovery time as treatments often take under an hour, and patients can resume their routine activities almost immediately.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is a state-of-the-art therapy that addresses various cosmetic concerns while providing numerous benefits over standard intrusive procedures. During your initial consultation at Modern Aesthetica, Dr. Daniel Moghadam will assess your unique concerns and care objectives to determine if you are the right candidate for PRP. Call the Santa Monica, CA, office or request an appointment online today.