Why Does My Wrist Hurt?

You may not think of the 8 bones that make up your wrist and the 20 ligaments connecting your fingers and arms. The wrists and hands can be so complicated that even the most experienced pain management specialists may have trouble accurately diagnosing and treating wrist pain. What’s the solution? Let’s discuss it.

Trauma can lead to wrist pain. This can lead to the wrist ligaments becoming lax. This causes instability in the wrist bones. This wears down the cartilage over time and can lead to arthritis. The treatment should be focused on restoring the integrity and strength of the ligaments.

A wrist injury can go unnoticed for many years but suddenly become painfully obvious. For example, while doing downward dog yoga, pain shooting through the wrist is common. Upon examination, it was discovered that the ligaments had been stretched and are getting worse. It is possible that swelling and other arthritic symptoms may be setting in.

“Big surgery,” which focuses on wrist pain, often involves wrist fusions or replacements.

A wrist fusion involves the removal of cartilage from the wrist bones. Then a graft is put between the bones and a metal plate is attached to the wrist to the radial bones in the forearm. This is done to fuse the bones of the wrist and the radial bone into one unit. This surgery is permanent, and it eliminates movement from the wrist.

Wrist arthritis and instability can often be treated with non-surgical procedures. We will often fix the poor movement patterns and inject your own platelets into your wrist, neck, ligaments, or neck.

Please let us know if you are experiencing wrist pain or someone you care for. We are dedicated to helping people suffering from chronic pain get their lives back.

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