Why Family Medicine Is Key to Keeping Your Family Healthy

Immunizations are one important piece of family medicine, as they help children avoid many preventable diseases. The core of family medicine is to prevent or treat those issues that are likely to be problematic to you or your children as they grow up. Some of those issues addressed by primary care doctors include fevers and annual wellness checks. Penn’s Rock Primary Care is at the center of all this. The health center has what it takes in terms of medicine and professional experience to make family medicine an important part of the health of you and your family.

Family Medicine Services

Family medicine addresses many health issues that you might encounter. The goal is to have you and your family avoid these issues, or treat the issues once they pop up. Penn’s Rock Primary Care has Doctor Monika Vansant who understands the needs of family medicine and meets those needs promptly.

One need the doctor takes care of is annual wellness exams, which are vital for every person in the family. Annual checks are a good way to check on the progress of ongoing treatments or to check on situations that require prompt attention before they advance to problematic issues that are hard to treat.

Annual checks focus on the management of chronic conditions. Diabetes, when left unchecked, can lead to other dire situations. The same goes for high blood pressure, which can remain hidden if not closely monitored.

Medical Tools That Help

Doctor Vansant will not need to use advanced medical equipment to tell that your child needs the latest vaccination for diseases like polio and measles. However, the doctor might involve Athelas—a top-class medical tool that does remote monitoring to find many conditions before they advance into hard-to-treat diseases.

The machine can help discover disease in the kidney and the heart. Whenever something comes up with the remote examination, the doctor will employ another advanced method to dig deeper and find out what is going on with your heart or kidney.

Conditions That Necessitate the Use of Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana remains unavailable to a majority of patients. To qualify, you will need the help of Doctor Vansant who will check your vitals and recommend the use of the drug.

Medical marijuana examinations are performed to determine that you meet the conditions to have it as a part of your medication plan. This examination is similar to what happens during immunization examinations. The doctor does all the standard tests and checks your immunization history to determine whether you and your family members have taken the latest doses of all vaccinations available.  

Why Have Family Medicine as Part of Your Wellbeing

Family medicine goes beyond the usual doctor-patient relationship. It will allow the doctors to have a closer medical relationship with you and your family. The close link can help catch some progressive issues that might become difficult to treat when they reach advanced levels.

Penn’s Rock Primary Care is a one-stop shop for family medicine services. Call the center or make a booking online to help your family avoid many preventable medical issues.