Why You Should Consider Prolozone Therapy

Acute or chronic pain is fairly unavoidable, especially when we age. Whether from an injury or illness, pain causes discomfort and can make you not enjoy your daily life. If you struggle with pain, chances are you’ve tried other treatment options without relief. Fortunately, if pain impacts your life, you can benefit from prolozone therapy Hawthorne treatments to help manage your condition for good.

This remarkable treatment has, over the years, provided relief to many for various bothersome ailments, and you, too, aren’t exempted. If you wonder why prolozone therapy is essential, keep reading to understand why you should consider it.

1.     A better, safe option to address numerous conditions

Since prolozone therapy incorporates anti-inflammatories, ozone gas, vitamins, and minerals, it acts as a safe treatment option that helps alleviate your underlying condition for healing. If you’ve been suffering from musculoskeletal or joint pain, this treatment option can potentially improve your condition in the long run. Whether you’re suffering from chronic back pain, osteoarthritis, degenerated spinal discs, rotator cuff injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, or sciatica, prolozone therapy will provide long-lasting relief.

2.     It can encourage your body’s healing ability

The good thing about prolozone therapy is that it doesn’t only work for pain management but also encourages your body to heal itself naturally. This treatment boosts the oxygen levels in your body, thus allowing your body functions to be more efficient. When fully oxygenated, your body can heal from various injuries and tissue damage that may be causing pain. Again, it employs prolotherapy power, allowing your provider to inject the treatment in the affected area to kick-start your body’s healing process.

3.     It’s a low-risk procedure

Usually, every medical procedure carries potential risks, but for prolozone therapy, the associated risks are minimal. The treatment is a minimally invasive, non-addictive treatment that offers incredible results compared to surgical procedures and pain medications. Also, the composition of prolozone therapy includes safe components, thus reducing your risk of potential complications. When administered by a professional specialist, you have minimal chances of getting severe adverse reactions after treatment.

4.     Has the potential to provide long-lasting results

Unlike pain medications which offer temporal results, prolozone therapy is unique as it addresses the root cause of your pain. Again, if you suffer from musculoskeletal problems, this treatment will boost your body’s healing ability and ensure you enjoy a pain-free life in the long run. For instance, prolozone therapy can provide permanent relief if you have chronic back pain.

5.     It saves your time and money

In most cases, chronic pain conditions require complex procedures like surgery. Typically, surgery becomes stressful as it requires more time and resources. It also calls for a long and overwhelming recovery period meaning you will not resume your everyday work sooner. However, on the other hand, prolozone therapy is a precise treatment option that requires few treatment sessions and thus saves time. Depending on your condition, your provider can determine the number of injections you need.

Since we all understand that managing pain alone is hectic, no one should hesitate to seek prolozone therapy. Furthermore, this treatment is a better option to benefit people of all ages. Don’t allow pain to influence your aspect of life while you can benefit from prolozone therapy.