Yoga for millennials

Whenever we think or hear about yoga, the first thing which comes to our mind is a group of people who are in their early 40 – 50  exercising in the middle of a garden. But frankly, yoga is much more than that. it is not just a form of exercise, or a way to lose weight, it’s a way of life which everyone should adopt at their early stages of life. Today’s millennial generation or people who we proudly refer to as ‘90s kids’ are much more aware about their mental and physical health. Also since they are referred to as the digital age, they have access to many apps and websites that can help them achieve their peace. Hence yoga can be a perfect solution to a lot of problems faced by millennials.

Here are few of the reasons why every millennial should try yoga:

Peace of mind : Every person is chasing peace of mind in some or the other way, then why not choose a healthier path ? We belong to the generation who has to maintain two phases in our lives, one is for social media and one is the reality or the truth. In all this, it becomes very difficult to find happiness and peace of mind. Not to mention the tons of overthinking, anxieties and nervous breakdowns  we go through everyday. Meditation can be helpful to tackle all this. All you need to do is sign up for that meditation class online or offline whichever suits you better and get started on your self healing journey.

Body positivity : Body positivity is another thing we all are struggling with. It does not only refer to looking slimmer or hotter, but it also means that one should feel comfortable in their own skin no matter what. We often run behind toned bodies, flat stomachs and sculpted bodies but yoga is more than that,it’s more about fitness and less about looks. Fitness yoga can help you to achieve your goal of body positivity. Myyogateacher has a lot of amazing types of yoga classes that can prove to be useful

Health benefits : We have heard several times about the hundreds of health benefits that yoga has to offer, so it’s high time we start taking some advantages ourselfs. Yoga helps in maintaining a balanced metabolism, improves cardio and circulatory health which can be great for the long run. Doing yoga for back pain can help relax the muscles and improve your posture as well. Yoga also reduces blood pressure and cortisol, which is the stress hormone, this makes us calm and relaxed.

Hence,Yoga is more than just what meets the eye. It can help you to transform both your mind and body.