Procedure for Pediatric Root Canal

A pediatric root canal is a surgical procedure that involves removing the diseased pulp of your child’s tooth, leaving the healthy part intact. The pulp is a tissue that contains nerves and blood vessels that fill out tooth roots. Dentists can recommend a pediatric root canal if your child’s tooth pulp is damaged or the surrounding gums are infected, causing swelling or severe pain. Dentists perform a pediatric root canal New York to prevent kids from losing teeth, leading to development issues like slurred speech or teeth misalignment. Your child can get a root canal in temporary or permanent teeth.

Preparation for pediatric root canal

Several days before the root canal, your child’s dentist will recommend the kid to take soft or semi-liquid food. Do not give your child aerated drinks a few days before treatment. Depending on your child’s age, the dentist can discuss the necessity of the treatment and how it will prevent further dental issues.

Procedure for pediatric root canal

Your child’s dentist will administer local anesthesia to the affected tooth to keep it numb throughout the procedure. Anesthesia ensures your kid does not feel pain during the treatment. There are three approaches dentists use in the pediatric root canal. The technique your kid’s dentist uses depends on the severity of tooth decay or infection. These pediatric root canal procedures include:

Pulp therapy

Dentists use pulp therapy when your kid has minor pulp damage. The infection is still in the early stages, and the entire tooth of your kid is not damaged. In such instances, your kid’s dentist will eliminate the decay without touching the pulp, apply antibiotics inside the tooth and seal it. Using antibiotics on the pulp aids in quicker action against the infection.


Pulpotomy, popularly known as partial root canal, is another root canal technique in children. Dentists recommend pulpotomy when an x-ray of the infected tooth shows the damage is limited to the upper part only. A partial root canal involves your child’s dentist removing only the infected pulp from the tooth, leaving the healthy pulp untouched. The dentist will disinfect the tooth with antibiotics and seal it correctly to ensure complete stability and protection.


A pulpectomy is a complete-fledged root canal procedure for kids. Dentists use it when your child’s tooth is severely damaged. A pulpectomy is a complex process where the dentist wholly and carefully removes the pulp tissue. The provider then disinfects the tooth and shapes the canals. This technique requires high levels of expertise and precision. The dentist will fill the tooth, seal it properly and place a crown. 

After the pediatric root canal

After the root canal procedure, your child will experience pain in the jaw, which is normal. Your child’s dentist will prescribe medication to help manage pain and accelerate recovery. Your child may also experience swelling inside the jaw. The dentist will guide you on what your kid can eat or drink and other measures you can take to help recover.

A pediatric root canal involves removing the infected or diseased part of your child’s pulp. Dentists perform this procedure to prevent further dental issues or teeth loss. Schedule an appointment at Compassionate Endodontists for a pediatric root canal to preserve your kid’s oral health.