The Facts behind Family Medicine

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You can preserve your health in various ways, including eating healthy diets and exercising. But most importantly, you need a health provider to meet your health needs. Usually, most people go to the hospital when they fall ill, however, that should not be the case. It’s advisable to visit your doctor every year, even when you are not sick. The White Plains, NY family medicine specialists offer comprehensive medical care to cater to all your health concerns. This article will help you understand some of the available family medicine services.

What is family medicine, and what does it involve?

Family medicine is a medical area that provides general health care services for all individuals. It involves the diagnosis and treatment of various health concerns and diseases. A family healthcare provider focuses on restoring and preserving your health.

Family medicine provides various medical services, including the following;

Physical exams

Physical examinations are essential to evaluate your health and check for potential health risks. Your provider performs a physical exam during your annual wellness check-up, among other health visits, such as physicals.

Physical exams during physicals ensure you are fit to participate in performing certain tasks or activities. Your physical exam involves checking your overall body organs and vital signs such as temperature, blood pressure, and pulse rate.

During a physical exam, your provider checks for abnormal changes that may indicate a health issue. It is effective for preventive care.


Diabetes is among the most common chronic conditions in many people. A primary care provider at a family medicine facility helps monitor and manage your diabetes to prevent complications.

Various types of diabetes occur due to different factors. Your provider offers solutions that best fit you to help you live a quality life. They may recommend lifestyle modifications and medications such as insulin to manage your diabetes.


Gynecology is critical in women’s healthy living. It ensures the provision of women’s health needs, including diagnosis and treatment of issues concerning the female reproductive system. It also involves well-woman exams that help prevent various health issues.

COVID-19 Testing

It includes tests to check whether you have a COVID-19 infection. There are various types of COVID tests that vary with your specific concerns and preferences. You need a COVID-19 test if you detect you have the infection, or the COVID-19 symptoms.

The most common symptoms include fever, sore throat, diarrhea, shortness of breath, fatigue, loss of smell or taste, and fatigue. A COVID-19 test helps protect yourself and the ones you love from contracting the disease.

Wound treatment

Wounds may occur from injuries or various health conditions. Usually, you may use home remedies to promote wound healing, but in some cases, medical intervention may be necessary. Your health provider offers comprehensive wound treatment to prevent complications and enhance healing.

Family medicine involves the provision of comprehensive health care in various medical areas. Forme’ Medical Center and Urgent Care offer quality care in cardiology, podiatry, gynecology, neurology, orthopedics, and more, to enhance your health. Contact their offices or use their website to schedule your appointment.